A-19.1 - Act respecting land use planning and development

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2.2.1. The purposes of the territorial planning of metropolitan communities, regional county municipalities and municipalities include but are not limited to the following:
(1)  the optimal use of the territory, including to limit urban sprawl, in a manner that ensures that future generations can live and prosper there;
(2)  the creation of complete, quality, convivial living environments that are conducive to the adoption of a healthy lifestyle;
(3)  the development and maintenance of a housing supply that meets the diversity of needs;
(4)  the prevention and reduction of risks and nuisances that could affect human health and safety and the safety of property;
(5)  the fight against climate change, including adaptation to that change;
(6)  the development of prosperous, dynamic and attractive communities;
(7)  sustainable mobility, with a view to safety, accessibility and multimodal transport;
(8)  the protection, development and sustainability of agricultural land and activities;
(9)  the conservation and enhancement of natural environments and biodiversity as well as accessibility to nature;
(10)  the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and landscapes;
(11)  the optimal management of public infrastructures and equipment;
(12)  the sustainable and integrated management of water resources; and
(13)  the preservation and development of natural resources.
2023, c. 12, s. 6.