T-8 - Colonization Land Sales Act

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47. Except in the exercise of a right or some duty imposed by law, no person shall pass over public lands or remain or erect constructions thereon.
Without prejudice to any other recourse, every infringement of this section shall be punishable, upon summary proceeding, by a fine of $5 to $50 and costs, or by imprisonment for not more than two months in default of payment, and, in the event of a subsequent offence, by imprisonment for ten to thirty days in addition to the said penalties.
Any officer generally or specially authorized by the Minister to supervise the carrying out of this section, or any constable, may arrest, without warrant, any person in the act of contravening this section and bring him or cause him to be brought forthwith before a justice of the peace.
R. S. 1964, c. 102, s. 47.