T-8 - Colonization Land Sales Act

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34. No person shall obtain letters patent from the Crown for more than three hundred acres of land for colonization purposes, by means of transfer from the original purchaser or grantee of a lot of land acquired from the Crown, or from the assigns of such original purchaser or grantee.
This section shall not apply to the case in which lots originally acquired from the Crown have passed, by abintestate succession, or by will, or by judicial sale or by sale for municipal or school taxes, to those who apply for the letters patent.
Every person applying for the issue of letters patent under a transfer registered in the Department must declare under oath, according to the form prescribed by the Minister, the number of acres of land he holds, if any, under letters patent, when he makes his application. In such case, in virtue of such transfer, no new letters patent shall be granted for more land than is sufficient to make up the maximum of three hundred acres.
Nevertheless, for certain regions of Québec and for particular purposes, the Government may extend to a maximum of five hundred and fifty acres the limit of three hundred acres contemplated by this section.
R. S. 1964, c. 102, s. 34.