T-8 - Colonization Land Sales Act

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17. Upon such conditions and at such prices as may be fixed by law or by the Government, the agent shall be bound to sell one lot for colonization purpose to any bona fide settler at least eighteen years of age who applies therefor.
No land or lot or part of any land or lot not yet placed under location ticket on the 15th of February, 1924, and situated at less than sixty feet from the boundary line between Canada and the United States of America, or from any interprovincial boundary line between Québec and the Province of Ontario or New Brunswick, shall be placed under location ticket nor conceded, except subject to the provisions of section 18 of the Lands and Forests Act (chapter T-9).
No sale of more than one hundred acres shall be made to the same person. However, such limit may be exceeded
(a)  if the lot concerned contains more than one hundred acres according to survey, in which case it may be sold as surveyed; or
(b)  in the case of lots or parts of lots the union of which is necessary to constitute a suitable establishment; or
(c)  when, as a result of the natural or artificial irregularity of the ground and in order to facilitate the rational development of a lot not containing more than one hundred acres, or of a lot as surveyed, it is necessary to add to the same another lot or part of another lot.
No such sale shall exceed an area of two hundred acres.
Every sale made by such agents shall take effect from the day on which it is made; but if the location ticket contain any clerical error, misnomer or misdescription of the land, the Minister may cancel such location ticket and order a new and corrected one to be issued, which shall take effect from the date of the first one.
R. S. 1964, c. 102, s. 17.