T-8 - Colonization Land Sales Act

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16. The sale of colonization land shall be made upon the conditions prescribed by the Government, either for colonization purposes or for any other purpose deemed in the interest of colonization or agriculture.
The letters patent shall not be issued until the prescribed conditions have been fulfilled.
In the case of land on which there is a maple-grove workable as a sugary, the letters patent may be issued even if the clearing conditions have not been fulfilled.
No timber shall be cut before the issue of the letters patent, save for clearing, for firewood or for building and fencing purposes; and any timber cut in contravention of this provision shall be deemed to have been cut without a permit on public land.
The Government may, however, issue letters patent one year after the issue of the location ticket, for public land cleared of timber, provided all the conditions of settlement fixed by law or any order-in-council have been previously fulfilled.
The Government may issue letters patent in favour of occupants of public lands, for the quantity of acres they occupy without a title, who, before the 19th of March, 1921 (date of the coming into force of chapter 43 of the statutes of 1921), have fulfilled all conditions of payment and settlement on the said lands, and who have put under cultivation an area of at least fifty per cent.
The Government may recommend the gratuitous issuance of letters patent in favour of any settler who is the holder for agricultural purposes of one or more lots forming part of the Indian reserves disappropriated as such, when such holders have any title from the Governor of Canada, the Government of Canada or a minister of such Government, provided that any sum remaining due by the holders of such lots under the title granted by the federal authority be paid to the Gouvernement du Québec.
The letters patent issued in accordance with the preceding paragraph shall be subject to the terms, conditions and restrictions contained in ordinary letters patent relating to the concession of colonization lands, and shall in every other respect be governed by the laws applicable thereto.
R. S. 1964, c. 102, s. 16; 1977, c. 5, s. 14.