T-8.1 - Act respecting the lands in the domain of the State

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27. Except in the cases referred to in section 28, a minister or a public body designated by the Minister must immediately register any deed referred to in section 26, as well as the geographical location and the geometric representation of the land concerned, determined in accordance with the instructions of the Surveyor-General of Québec.
1987, c. 23, s. 27; 2006, c. 40, s. 3.
27. Every minister or public body designated by the Minister shall, within 30 days, transmit a notice to the Minister informing him of any deed of purchase or sale, letters patent, lease, occupation licence or other occupation right granted on the lands under his authority. The notice shall indicate the rights granted or acquired and identify the land to which they relate.
1987, c. 23, s. 27.