T-15.01 - Act respecting the Administrative Housing Tribunal

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57.0.2. The Tribunal must convene the parties to a case management conference under section 56.5 in order, among other things, to inquire into the situation of the other lessees of the private seniors’ residence.
In addition to the case management measures that the Tribunal may take under section 56.8, it must order the following measures if it observes that the rights or interests of the other lessees of the residence could be affected by a clause whose effects are the same as the clause covered by the joint application or by the loss of a service covered by that application:
(1)  the impleading of those lessees; and
(2)  the notification to those lessees, by the operator of the residence concerned,
(a)  of a copy of the joint application accompanied by a copy of the exhibits supporting it or by a list of the exhibits that indicates that they are accessible on request;
(b)  a copy of the decision ordering the impleading of the lessees; and
(c)  an explanatory notice whose content is determined by the Tribunal member who holds the case management conference and which mentions, among other things, the reasons for which the lessees are impleaded and their right of objection under the third paragraph.
At any time, a lessee may notify the Tribunal of the lessee’s objection to being impleaded under subparagraph 1 of the second paragraph. On reception of the notice, the lessee is no longer a party to the joint application.
2021, c. 7, s. 111.