T-15.01 - Act respecting the Administrative Housing Tribunal

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57.0.1. Two or more lessees of the same private seniors’ residence referred to in section 346.0.1 of the Act respecting health services and social services (chapter S-4.2) may make a joint application to the Tribunal where the sole purpose of the application is
(1)  to obtain a rent reduction based on the lessor’s failure to provide one or more of the same services included in their respective leases, including domestic help, personal assistance, recreation, meal, security, ambulatory care or nursing care services; or
(2)  to have clauses that are stipulated in their respective leases and whose effect is substantially the same declared null in the interest of public order.
All lessees who are parties to the application must sign it.
Any lessee who acts as the mandatary of another lessee must be designated in the application.
2021, c. 7, s. 111.