T-15.01 - Act respecting the Administrative Housing Tribunal

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56.8. For case management purposes, at any stage of a proceeding, the Tribunal member may decide, on his own initiative or on request, to
(1)  take a measure provided for in the first paragraph of section 56.5;
(2)  assess the purpose and usefulness of seeking expert opinion, whether joint or not, determine the mechanics of that process as well as the anticipated costs, and set a time limit for submission of the expert report; if the parties failed to agree on joint expert evidence, assess the merits of their reasons and impose joint expert evidence if it is necessary to do so to uphold the principle of proportionality and if, in light of the steps already taken, doing so is conducive to the efficient resolution of the dispute without, however, jeopardizing the parties’ right to assert their contentions;
(3)  order notification of the application to persons whose rights or interests may be affected by the decision, or invite the parties to bring a third person in as an intervenor or to implead a third person if the Tribunal member considers that the third person’s participation is necessary in order to resolve the dispute; or
(4)  rule on any special requests made by the parties.
2019, c. 28, s. 86.