T-15.01 - Act respecting the Administrative Housing Tribunal

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56.3. Where the Tribunal is seized of an application for the fixing of rent, the lessor must, within 90 days of the date on which the form for the information necessary for fixing the rent is sent by the Tribunal, file the duly completed form in the record.
The lessor must also, within the same time, notify a copy of the completed form to the lessee and file proof of such notification in the record of the Tribunal. Where the applicant is the lessor and fails to file such proof of notification in the record of the Tribunal within the prescribed time, the application expires and the Tribunal closes the record.
Despite sections 56.1 and 56.2, the applicant is not required to notify the exhibits or a list of the exhibits in support of his application, or to file such a list in the Tribunal’s record.
This section does not apply to an application for review of rent for low-rental housing within the meaning of article 1984 of the Civil Code.
2019, c. 28, s. 86.