T-12 - Transport Act

Full text
78. (Repealed).
1972, c. 55, s. 79; 1975, c. 45, s. 23; 1992, c. 61, s. 611.
78. (1)  Proceedings under this act shall be instituted by the Attorney General or a person generally or specially authorized by him in writing for that purpose.
(2)  The person authorized to institute proceedings pursuant to this act may send the accused person prior notice by mail describing the offence, specifying the minimum fine and indicating the place where it may be paid, together with $2 for costs, within the ten following days.
(3)  Payment of the required amount within the fixed delay shall suspend proceedings.
(4)  After such payment, the accused person shall be considered to have been found guilty of the offence.
1972, c. 55, s. 79; 1975, c. 45, s. 23.