T-11.011 - Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act

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58. On receiving an inquiry report from the Commissioner ascertaining that a lobbyist has in any way breached the obligations imposed on lobbyists by this Act or the code of conduct, the Attorney General may claim from the lobbyist the amount or value of any financial or other compensation received by or payable to the lobbyist on account of the activities having occasioned the breach.
In such a case, the lobbyist is liable toward the State for the amount established in the Attorney General’s claim.
The enterprise or group within which the lobbyist was acting at the time of the breach is solidarily liable with the lobbyist for payment of the amount claimed by the Attorney General.
The provisions of this section also apply, with the necessary modifications, to a third person, enterprise or organization which has contravened section 27.
2002, c. 23, s. 58.