T-11.011 - Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act

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2. Any oral or written communication with a public office holder in an attempt to influence or that may reasonably be considered by the initiator of the communication as capable of influencing a decision concerning
(1)  the development, introduction, amendment or defeat of any legislative or regulatory proposal, resolution, policy, program or action plan,
(2)  the issue of any permit, licence, certificate or other authorization,
(3)  the awarding of any contract, otherwise than by way of a call for public tenders, or of any grant or other financial benefit or the granting of any other form of benefit determined by government regulation, or
(4)  the appointment of any public office holder within the meaning of the Act respecting the Ministère du Conseil exécutif (chapter M-30) or the appointment of any deputy minister or other holder of a position referred to in section 55 of the Public Service Act (chapter F-3.1.1) or any holder of a position referred to in section 57 of that Act,
constitutes lobbying or a lobbying activity within the meaning of this Act.
The arranging by a lobbyist of a meeting between a public office holder and any other person is considered to be a lobbying activity.
2002, c. 23, s. 2.