S-7 - Sheriffs’ Act

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4. (Inoperative).
R. S. 1964, c. 27, s. 4; I.N. 2016-01-01 (NCCP).
4. Every sheriff shall, on the first juridical day of every term of the Superior Court in the district for which he is sheriff, place before the court an accurate and detailed statement and account, upon oath, of all moneys in his hands received by him as sheriff, when and from whom received, and of all orders and judgments directing any moneys to be paid by him since his last account rendered, specifying to whom the said moneys are or were payable, of all moneys paid by him as sheriff within the said period and to whom paid, and of all moneys remaining unpaid though ordered and adjuged to be paid, and of the reasons why the same have not been paid.
The said statements and accounts shall be deposited and remain among the public records of the court, and shall be entered in a register, which shall be kept for that purpose by the clerk of the Superior Court.
R. S. 1964, c. 27, s. 4.