S-6.2 - Act respecting pre-hospital emergency services

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169. Any natural or legal person or any group of natural or legal persons in operation on 7 November 2001 that receives calls from persons requesting ambulance services for any of the territories of regional boards served by a health communication centre as determined by the Minister under section 18, is authorized to pursue such activities until the communication centre is in operation.
As of that date, the person or group of persons must ensure that all activity has ceased and that the necessary measures have been taken so that any call that may be received by the person or group is transferred directly to the health communication centre serving the territory from which the call originates.
After a health communication centre is in operation for the territory served by a person or group referred to in the first paragraph, the Minister shall, in the cases the Minister deems appropriate and after obtaining the authorization of the Conseil du trésor, pay to that person or group the amount of an indemnity considered reasonable by the Minister.
2002, c. 69, s. 169.