S-6.2 - Act respecting pre-hospital emergency services

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164. The call coordination centre “Centrale de coordination santé de la région de Québec (03) Inc.”, a legal person constituted on 15 December 1995 under Part III of the Companies Act (chapter C-38) and recognized in accordance with the provisions of section 149.26 of the Act respecting health services and social services for Cree Native persons (chapter S-5), is recognized as a health communication centre within the meaning of this Act, if it complies with the provisions determined under the second paragraph of section 18.
The centre must, before 19 March 2003, take the necessary measures to modify its board of directors and bring it into conformity with section 21.
If the centre fails to do so, the Québec regional board of health and social services shall appoint the board members within the following month.
2002, c. 69, s. 164.