S-32.0001 - Act respecting end-of-life care

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29.4. The competent professional providing assistance to the patient must
(1)  be of the opinion that the patient meets the criteria set out in subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph of section 29.1 and that the request is being made in accordance with section 29.2, after, among other things,
(a)  making sure that the request is being made freely, in particular by ascertaining that it is not being made as a result of external pressure;
(b)  making sure that the request is an informed one, in particular by ascertaining that the patient has clearly understood the nature of the diagnosis and by informing the patient of the anticipated course of and the prognosis for the illness and of the therapeutic possibilities and their consequences;
(c)  discussing the patient’s request with any members of the care team who are in regular contact with the patient; and
(d)  if the patient so wishes, discussing the request with the patient’s close relations or with any other person the patient identifies; and
(2)  make sure that the patient has had the opportunity to discuss the request with the persons the patient wished to contact.
2023, c. 15, s. 20.