S-32.0001 - Act respecting end-of-life care

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21. In order to ascertain compliance with this Title, a person authorized in writing by the Minister to carry out an inspection may, at any reasonable time, with due respect for the specific character of the premises and the needs of the persons receiving end-of-life care, enter any premises operated by an institution or a palliative care hospice.
The person may, during an inspection,
(1)  examine and make a copy of any document relating to the end-of-life care offered in those premises; and
(2)  demand any information relating to the carrying out of this Title as well as the production of any related document.
Any person having custody, possession or control of such documents must make them available on request to the person conducting the inspection.
A person conducting an inspection must, if so required, produce a certificate of capacity.
Any person who hinders a person in the conduct of an inspection, refuses to provide any information or document the latter is entitled to require or examine, or conceals or destroys any document or other object relevant to an inspection is guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine of $2,500 to $25,000 in the case of a natural person and to a fine of $7,500 to $75,000 in any other case.
2014, c. 2, s. 21.