S-3.3 - Act to ensure safety in guided land transport

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69. Any person authorized by the Minister to act as an inspector for the purposes of this Act and the regulations may
(1)  enter, at any reasonable time, any place where activities related to guided land transport are carried on in order to inspect guided land transport works, equipment and vehicles;
(2)  order the temporary stoppage in an appropriate location of any vehicle used in guided land transport and inspect the vehicle;
(3)  examine any substance designated as dangerous under this Act and take samples free of charge;
(4)  take photographs of any guided land transport vehicle, equipment or works;
(5)  require that any book, shipping slip, bill of lading or other document or record be communicated to him for examination, reproduction or the taking of extracts, where he has reasonable grounds to believe that they contain information relevant to administration of this Act or the regulations.
1988, c. 57, s. 69.