S-2.2 - Public Health Act

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108. An order issued by the public health director under subparagraph 7 of the first paragraph of section 106 is sufficient to require any person, including a peace officer, to do everything reasonably possible to locate and apprehend the person whose name appears in the order and take him or her to the place indicated therein or to a health or social services institution chosen by the public health director.
A person or peace officer acting under this section may not, however, enter a private residence without the consent of the occupant or without obtaining a court order authorizing such entry.
Any person who is apprehended must be informed immediately of the reasons for the isolation order, the place where he or she is being taken and of his or her right to communicate with an advocate.
The health or social services institution that receives the person pursuant to an order of the public health director or the court must admit the person as an emergency patient.
2001, c. 60, s. 108.