S-1 - Minimum Wage Act

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34. (1)  Every professional employer who does not keep the compulsory registration system, register or pay-list, every employer or employee who refuses or neglects to furnish the Commission’s representatives with the information contemplated in section 10, in the manner therein prescribed, or does not grant them on request, or delays to grant them, access to the place where the work is being done, to the register, to the system of registration or to the pay-list or other documents, as provided in said section, or molests or hinders or insults the said representatives in the performance of their duties, or otherwise obstructs such performance,—commits an unlawful act and shall be liable to a fine of twenty-five dollars and costs for the first offence, and to a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars but not exceeding one hundred dollars and costs, for the second offence, and, for any subsequent offence, to the penalties provided in section 35 for a first offence.
(2)  Every professional employer who does not grant to his employee, within the delay provided by an ordinance, the vacation with pay provided by this ordinance, commits an offence and is liable, in addition to the costs, to a fine equal to double the remuneration which he should have paid to such employee for his vacation. Such fine shall be paid to the Commission which is authorized to remit the one-half thereof to the employee who has been deprived of vacation with pay.
R. S. 1964, c. 144, s. 33.