S-1 - Minimum Wage Act

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31. Except in the case provided for in the last paragraph of the present section, any civil action arising out of an ordinance or out of this act is prescribed by six months, from the due date in each case. In the case of a false entry in the compulsory register, the system of registration or the pay-list, or of secret rebate, or of any other fraud, prescription shall run as against the Commission’s recourse, only from the date when the Commission was aware of the fraud.
This prescription shall run only as from the first of May following the date of the work done in the case of employees engaged in forest operations.
A claim transmitted by the Commission to an employer, by registered or certified letter, shall suspend the prescription for the amount of salary claimed, and in this case the action is again prescribed by six months from the date of the mailing of such letter; no subsequent letter addressed for the same claim shall have the effect of suspending the prescription.
Any action for the recovery of a levy provided for by paragraph e of section 9 is prescribed by five years computed from its maturity.
R. S. 1964, c. 144, s. 30; 1975, c. 83, s. 84.