S-15 - Act respecting the Société du parc industriel du centre du Québec

Full text
21. (Repealed).
1968, c. 60, s. 21; 1979, c. 51, s. 261.
21. The Corporation shall establish a development plan for the territory described in the schedule which is owned by it or for any part of such territory.
Any plan contemplated in the preceding paragraph shall indicate:
(a)  the purposes for which each part of the territory is to be used;
(b)  the location and width of the streets and lanes or public places included in the project;
(c)  the public services that will have to be installed or changed;
(d)  the places where dwellings, commercial or industrial establishments and all other buildings, including public buildings, will be erected.
Such a plan, and any changes that may be made thereto, shall have no effect until approved by the Gouvernement when approved, they shall be preserved in the records of the Corporation for consultation by any person who wishes to examine them, at any reasonable hour of the day.
1968, c. 60, s. 21.