S-10.1 - Act respecting the Naskapi Development Corporation

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5. The objects of the Corporation are
(1)  to receive, administer, use and invest the compensation provided for in subsections 16.1 and 16.2 of the Agreement and the revenues therefrom, as well as all its other funds, in accordance with this Act;
(2)  to relieve poverty and to see to the welfare and the advancement of education of the Naskapis;
(3)  to ensure better living conditions for the Naskapis and to promote the development of the Naskapi community;
(4)  to exercise the other functions vested in it by other acts or the Agreement;
(5)  to foster, promote, protect and assist in preserving the Naskapi way of life, values and traditions.
1979, c. 26, s. 5.