S-10.002 - Act respecting the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles

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24. The Société may, in particular, in exercising its powers and performing its duties,
(1)  enter into an agreement, according to law, with a government other than that of Québec, a department of such a government, an international organization, or a body of such a government or organization;
(2)  form committees responsible for assessing the applications made within the scope of the financial assistance programs mentioned in section 20, and determine their operating rules;
(3)  form advisory commissions, other than those provided for in Chapter III, with a view to facilitating the carrying out of this Act, and determine their powers, duties and operating rules.
Each committee formed under subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph shall be composed of persons working in the field of activity to which the financial assistance program concerned applies. Such persons shall not be members of the board of directors of the Société, of the council or a commission provided for in Chapter III, or of the personnel of the Société or the public service. The contracts of employment of committee members must contain rules of ethics.
The Government shall determine the remuneration of the members of the committees formed under subparagraph 2; the members of the commissions formed under subparagraph 3 shall receive no remuneration, except in the cases, on the conditions and to the extent that the Government may determine. The members of the committees and commissions are entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred in performing their duties, on the conditions and to the extent determined by the Government.
The committees and commissions may hold their meetings at any place in Québec.
1994, c. 21, s. 24.