R-9.1 - Act respecting the Pension Plan of Certain Teachers

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35.2. A person who meets the requirement of paragraph 1 of section 35.1 and who is eligible for a pension under this division before 2 July 1997 may cease to participate in the plan, retire and avail himself of the provisions of that division not later than 2 July 1997 or if he has sent to the Commission, within 30 days from the date of receipt of a statement of his benefits under the plan sent by the Commission for the application of the measures provided for in this division, an application for an estimate of his pension, at the end of a 30-day period after the date of receipt of an estimate of his pension made by the Commission, whichever is later.
The Government may, by regulation, determine in what cases and subject to what terms and conditions a person may avail himself of the provisions of this division on a date subsequent to 2 July 1997.
1997, c. 50, s. 9.