R-9.1 - Act respecting the Pension Plan of Certain Teachers

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30.1. For the purposes of sections 29 and 30, any person whose pension became payable under the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan and who, taking into account the years and parts of a year giving entitlement to the increase provided by section 20 and the age at which he ceased to be employed, meets any of the criteria set out in section 19, is entitled to a pension computed in accordance with Division I of this chapter instead of the pension he is presently receiving. The new pension shall be computed as though the said division had been in force on the date on which the pension he is presently receiving became payable to him. However, this paragraph does not apply to such a person who became entitled to his pension by reason of the fact that he had become entitled to a pension as a Member of the National Assembly.
A person shall be entitled to the new pension only in respect of the instalments payable to him after 25 June 1986 or, in the case of a person contemplated in section 30, from the date the increase provided by section 20 becomes payable to him under section 30.
1987, c. 66, s. 3.