R-3 - Act respecting the consolidation of the statutes and regulations

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7. After the deposit of the copy, the Government shall fix the date from which the text of the revised or updated statutes will come into force.
1976, c. 11, s. 7; 1978, c. 17, s. 7; 1986, c. 61, s. 39.
7. Repealed.
1976, c. 11, s. 7; 1978, c. 17, s. 7.
7. The Commission may also prepare a supplement to the Revised Statutes comprising, as amendments or additions to the Revised Statutes, any statute enacted between 1 January 1976 and the date the Revised Statutes have force of law in accordance with section 15.
Every provision of this act concerning the Revised Statutes applies to such supplement, with the necessary changes.
1976, c. 11, s. 7.