R-3 - Act respecting the consolidation of the statutes and regulations

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19. (Replaced).
1976, c. 11, s. 19; 1986, c. 61, s. 39.
19. The Revised Statutes shall not be construed as new statutes but shall be interpreted and have force of law as a consolidation of the statutes they replace.
However, in any case of divergence between the Revised Statutes and a statute or a provision of a statute replaced by the Revised Statutes, the Revised Statutes prevail over the replaced statute in respect of every event which occurs from the date the Revised Statutes have force of law in accordance with section 15, but the replaced statute prevails over the Revised Statutes in respect of any event which occurs before such date.
1976, c. 11, s. 19.