R-25.02 - Act respecting the Réseau électrique métropolitain

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39. The REM operator and the Authority may enter into an agreement stipulating the remuneration for the shared transportation services provided by the operator in the Authority’s area of jurisdiction. Such an agreement may, without departing from the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement entered into under section 88.10 of the Transport Act (chapter T-12) or making them more onerous, stipulate
(1)  remuneration determined on the basis of, among other factors, the number of users transported and the distance travelled by each user or, otherwise, fare revenue sharing;
(2)  mutual cooperation obligations;
(3)  the terms governing the rate schedule for REM users;
(4)  use of the Authority’s ticketing services and single window for simplified access to the REM; and
(5)  the information and documents the Authority and the operator must send each other, in particular the information and documents needed by the Authority to set its fares.
2017, c. 17, s. 39.