R-24.0.2 - Act respecting the representation of family-type resources and certain intermediate resources and the negotiation process for their group agreements

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55. A specific agreement between a public institution and a resource to whom a group agreement applies may not contravene the provisions of the group agreement. It must pertain exclusively to the number of recognized places assigned to the resource, the type of users that may be referred to the resource, the identification of the guarantors of the parties for the purpose of their business relationship, and its term.
A specific agreement may not be transferred. It does not come under section 108 of the Act respecting health services and social services (chapter S-4.2) nor is it subject to the Act respecting contracting by public bodies (chapter C-65.1).
A public institution that has signed a specific agreement may not amend it, terminate it before its expiry or prevent its renewal without the authorization of the agency concerned.
2009, c. 24, s. 55.