R-24.0.1 - Act respecting the representation of certain home childcare providers and the negotiation process for their group agreements

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31. The subjects covered in a group agreement may include the following:
(1)  the subsidy granted to fund educational home childcare and to give home childcare providers access to programs and services that meet their needs, in particular with regard to plans in such areas as employment benefits, health, safety, training and professional development;
(2)  the terms and conditions applicable to days of leave that may be granted to home childcare providers, taking into account unpaid holidays under the Act respecting labour standards (chapter N-1.1);
(3)  the procedure for settling disagreements as to the interpretation or application of the group agreement;
(4)  the setting up of committees to determine the mechanics of the different programs;
(5)  the circumstances giving rise to and terms and conditions applicable to the indemnification of a home childcare provider for losses sustained as a result of a suspension, revocation or non-renewal of recognition that is subsequently contested before and annulled by the Administrative Tribunal of Québec under section 104 of the Educational Childcare Act (chapter S-4.1.1).
2009, c. 36, s. 31.