R-17.0.1 - Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans Act

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47. At least 30 days before subscribing to a voluntary retirement savings plan with the administrator of such a plan, an employer must notify each employee in writing
(1)  of the employer’s intention to subscribe to the plan;
(2)  of any existing business relationship the employer has with that administrator;
(3)  of the fact that eligible employees are automatically enrolled in the plan and that they will have the opportunity to opt out of the plan;
(4)  of the fact that the employer will provide the administrator with the personal information determined by regulation concerning the employees referred to in the fourth paragraph of section 48;
(5)  of the requirement for an employee who is not an eligible employee and who wishes to become a member of the plan to inform the employer;
(6)  of the fact that the employee may determine his or her own contribution;
(7)  of any contribution the employer agrees to pay into the plan or the method of calculating it; and
(8)  of any other information determined by regulation.
2013, c. 26, s. 47.