R-16 - Act respecting retirement plans for the mayors and councillors of municipalities

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49. (Repealed).
1978, c. 60, s. 14; 1988, c. 85, s. 97.
49. Every person who is member of a municipality on the day preceding the nomination of candidates in view of the 1978 election in such municipality and who does not stand at such election or who, doing so, is not reelected, may avail himself of Divisions VI and VII as well as of sections 43 and 44, 45 or, as the case may be, section 46, from the time when the municipality joined the general plan, as though such person participated in the general plan.
However, such person must give written notice of his decision to the Commission before 1 July 1979, failing which the first paragraph is not applicable.
1978, c. 60, s. 14.