R-15.1 - Supplemental Pension Plans Act

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230.5. (Repealed).
1992, c. 60, s. 34; 2000, c. 41, s. 142.
230.5. Where the content of the draft agreement or the transmission thereof does not conform to the provisions of this Act or the regulations, the Régie may order that any measure be taken to correct the irregularity, provided this may still be done within the six-month period provided for in section 230.2. If the period expires before the irregularity is corrected, the Régie is bound to invalidate the draft agreement, unless it grants an additional period not exceeding four months if it is satisfied that the employer or the pension committee, as the case may be, was unable to act sooner or could not correct the irregularity for a reason outside their control or if the Régie is of the opinion that an additional period would serve the interests of the parties to the plan.
Where the content or publication of the notices referred to in section 230.4 does not conform to the requirements of that section, the Régie may order the pension committee to take any corrective measure it indicates, within the time fixed, including the prorogation of the time for opposition or assertion of rights.
1992, c. 60, s. 34.