R-1.1 - Act to recognize and support caregivers

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40. The Minister must, not later than 28 October 2025, report to the Government on the implementation of this Act.
After that, the Minister must report to the Government on the carrying out of this Act every five years. The report is prepared in coordination with the other ministers concerned. It must take into account the opinions received from the partners committee as well as the evaluation approaches and indicators proposed by the observatory that have been selected by the Minister. The report must also state the results obtained in implementing the national policy for caregivers and include a status report on the progress of Québec society toward achieving the goals pursued by the policy.
Any report referred to in this section is tabled by the Minister in the National Assembly within 30 days after it is presented to the Government or, if the Assembly is not sitting, within 30 days of resumption.
2020, c. 22, s. 40.