R-1.1 - Act to recognize and support caregivers

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4. The national policy’s guiding principles are as follows:
(1)  recognize that all caregivers are persons in their own right who must be treated with dignity and care, and whose well-treatment must be promoted;
(2)  recognize the considerable contribution of caregivers to Québec society and the importance of supporting them;
(3)  promote preservation of the health and well-being of caregivers, including as concerns financial precarization, and help them maintain a balanced life;
(4)  consider the diversity of caregiver realities and of caregivers’ relationships with care receivers in the response to their specific needs, at every stage in their caregiving journey, from their self-recognition to their grieving process in relation to both the care receiver and to their role in his or her life;
(5)  recognize the experience and knowledge of caregivers and of the care receiver, and consider such experience and knowledge in a partnership-based approach;
(6)  respect the wishes and capacities of caregivers as to the nature and scope of their engagement; and
(7)  facilitate and consolidate partnerships between government departments and bodies and non-government bodies at the national, regional and local levels, and involve caregivers so as to promote responses adapted to their specific needs.
2020, c. 22, s. 4.