R-1.1 - Act to recognize and support caregivers

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35. The purpose of the observatory is to provide reliable and objective information regarding caregiving through observation, monitoring, analysis and knowledge sharing.
More specifically, the observatory’s functions are
(1)  to collect, integrate, compile, analyze and disseminate information, in particular of a statistical nature, on caregiving;
(2)  to monitor the evolution of caregivers’ needs as well as effective and innovative practices, measures and actions, at the national and international levels, to support caregivers;
(3)  to facilitate the transfer of knowledge for the benefit of the various actors involved in caregiving; and
(4)  to facilitate collaborations regarding caregiving, in particular with university institutions, research centres, other observatories or the government bodies participating in research activities or activities to promote clinical excellence and efficient use of resources in health and social services.
In the exercise of its functions, the observatory may consult experts or other actors from the caregiving sector and entrust them with any mandate it deems necessary.
2020, c. 22, s. 35.