R-1.1 - Act to recognize and support caregivers

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29. The observatory is managed by a managing committee composed of the following 13 members, appointed by the Minister:
(1)  two members representing the departments concerned by caregiver support, including one member representing the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, appointed after consultation with the ministers concerned;
(2)  the observatory’s scientific director;
(3)  one member representing the institution or body responsible for the observatory’s organization and administrative support;
(4)  four researchers appointed after consultation with the integrated university health network coordination panel;
(5)  three members from non-government bodies concerned by caregiver support, appointed after a public call for applications; and
(6)  two caregivers providing support to care receivers who have different profiles, appointed after a public call for applications.
The Minister designates the chair and the vice-chair from among the members of the managing committee.
The managing committee must be composed of an equal number of women and men. An equal number is presumed if the difference is not more than two.
The managing committee must include at least one member from a rural area and at least one member from an Aboriginal community or organization.
2020, c. 22, s. 29.