P-9.002 - Cultural Heritage Act

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67.3. If an authorization referred to in section 64 or 65 was not obtained prior to the division, subdivision or parcelling out of an immovable situated on a declared or classified heritage site, or prior to the performance, on a declared heritage site, of an act for which conditions have been determined by a regulation made by the Government under subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph of section 80.1, the Minister may issue the authorization after the act has begun or been completed if the repercussions of the act on the heritage value of the declared or classified heritage site are, in the Minister’s opinion, acceptable.
In the authorization, the Minister may require the carrying out of any corrective measure, including work and works, on the conditions set by the Minister.
The authorization may not be issued if the Minister previously refused to authorize the act concerned or if the conditions of an authorization issued for the act were not complied with.
Despite any provision to the contrary, an act authorized in accordance with the first paragraph may no longer be annulled because of a failure to obtain the Minister’s authorization prior to the performance of the act and, where the authorization is for the division, subdivision or parcelling out of an immovable, the related registration in the land register may no longer be cancelled for that reason.
Section 53.2 does not apply to an application made under this section.
The Minister must make public any authorization issued in accordance with this section.
2021, c. 10, s. 30.