P-9.002 - Cultural Heritage Act

Full text
53.5. For the purpose of analyzing an application for the issue of an authorization under section 49, the Minister may consider the following elements, among others:
(1)  the effect of the act on the enhancement and protection of the classified heritage immovable for which a protection area has been established;
(2)  the effect of the act on the context surrounding the classified heritage immovable;
(3)  the effect of the act on an element from the same ensemble, period or development logic as the classified heritage immovable associated with the protection area, such as a building, an architectural feature or a landscaping feature;
(4)  the effect of the act on a potential or confirmed archaeological property or site associated with the classified heritage immovable; and
(5)  the effect of the act on the landscaping of the classified heritage immovable.
2021, c. 10, s. 21.