P-9.002 - Cultural Heritage Act

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151. Despite the Municipal Aid Prohibition Act (chapter I-15), a municipality may, by by-law and after obtaining the opinion of the local heritage council, grant, on the conditions it determines, any form of financial or technical assistance to promote the knowledge, protection, transmission or enhancement of an element of cultural heritage identified or recognized as such by the municipality.
A municipality may also grant financial or technical assistance in respect of a heritage cultural landscape designated as such by the Government, a classified heritage property or an immovable situated in an area that is declared a heritage site, or an element designated as cultural heritage by the Minister, if that landscape, property, immovable or element is situated in the municipality’s territory or is connected to its territory.
This section does not affect the powers a municipality may otherwise hold to grant assistance in respect of immovables.
2011, c. 21, s. 151.