P-9.0001 - Act respecting the sharing of certain health information

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179. The Government may specify the dates on which the provisions of this Act take effect according to the areas of jurisdiction of health and social services agencies, and the dates from which the obligation to release health information to the operations manager of a health information bank in a clinical domain applies, according to the types of bodies providing health and social services or the clinical domains it specifies.
The Minister must inform the people in the area of jurisdiction of the agency concerned of the aims and operational procedures of the Québec Health Record, including the right of a person to refuse to allow his or her health information that is held in the health information banks in the clinical domains to be released through the Québec Health Record, as well as the means that may be used to express refusal and the right of a person to have access to his or her health information and to request that it be corrected within 30 days prior to the effective date of this Act.
2012, c. 23, s. 179.