P-5.1 - Act respecting the sectoral parameters of certain fiscal measures

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80. The provisions of Chapters III and IV that concern the issue, amendment or revocation, after 4 March 2012, of a document that is necessary for the purposes of a measure referred to in section 79, in relation either to a date or period that precedes 1 January 2011 or, where the measure is one listed in section 1.1 of Schedule H, to a period having begun before 1 January 2011, and the provisions of Chapter V that concern the review, after 4 March 2012, of a decision in respect of such a document, in relation to such a preceding date or period, apply on the basis of the standards applicable on that date or during that period, despite the fact that those standards are not provided for by an Act or regulation.
For that purpose, any reference to a Minister in Chapters IV and V includes a reference to the Minister of Tourism.
For the purposes of the first paragraph, a reference to standards applicable during a period or on a date is a reference to such standards established by the Minister of Finance and, if applicable, by the minister or body responsible for their application.
2012, c. 1, s. 80.