P-44.1 - Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises

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36. The registrar must refuse to register a registrant
(1)  if the registrant’s name is contrary to any of subparagraphs 1 to 6 of the first paragraph of section 17 or the second paragraph of that section;
(2)  if the registrant’s registration declaration is incomplete or inaccurate, or is contrary to section 68 or the requirements determined by the Minister under any of sections 109, 112 or 114.
The registrar must also refuse to register a registrant who is already registered or whose registration is cancelled if the cancellation may be revoked under subdivision 3 of Division III.
The registrar informs the registrant of the reasons for the refusal.
2010, c. 7, s. 36; 2010, c. 40, s. 36.