P-34.1 - Youth Protection Act

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76.0.2. The parties are required to cooperate to establish the case protocol which, if considered necessary, sets out their agreements and undertakings and the issues in dispute, describes the steps to be taken to ensure the orderly progress of the proceeding, includes an assessment of the time completing these steps could require and sets the deadlines to be met.
The case protocol covers such aspects as
(1)  preliminary exceptions and provisional measures;
(2)  the advisability of holding a settlement conference or discussions with a view to submitting a draft agreement to the tribunal under section 76.3;
(3)  the advisability of seeking one or more expert opinions and the nature of the opinion or opinions to be sought;
(4)  the procedure and time limit for pre-hearing discovery and disclosure; and
(5)  foreseeable incidental applications.
The tribunal may, in cooperation with the parties, amend the protocol to, among other reasons, include items that could not be determined.
The protocol is binding on the parties, who are each required to comply with it.
2017, c. 18, s. 53.