P-34.1 - Youth Protection Act

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71.3.6. As soon as an order of placement is granted, the director shall give the adopter, or the child if 14 years of age or over, a summary of the child’s family and medical antecedents on request. He shall also give a parent a summary of the adopter’s antecedents on request.
If the director is convinced that it will not be possible for a child 14 years of age or over who is eligible for adoption because consent to his adoption has been given or because he has been judicially declared eligible for adoption to be the subject of an application for an order for placement within a reasonable time, the director shall give him a summary of his family and medical antecedents on request.
Subject to article 583 of the Civil Code, every summary must preserve the anonymity of the parents or the adopter, as applicable.
2017, c. 12, s. 61.