P-29 - Food Products Act

Full text
52. (Repealed).
1974, c. 35, s. 43; 1990, c. 4, s. 677; 1992, c. 61, s. 456.
Not in force
52. (1)  Before any penal proceeding instituted for a first offence against this Act, any person authorized by the Attorney General may send to the accused a notice, in duplicate, describing the offence and indicating the fine and the place where such fine, and $2 for costs, may be paid within the ensuing ten days.
(2)  Payment of the required amount within the delay fixed by the notice, with a copy of such notice duly signed by the accused, shall prevent penal prosecution.
(3)  Such payment, however, shall not be invoked as an admission of civil liability.
(4)  After payment, the accused shall be considered to have been convicted of the offence. However, if such offence entails the suspension or cancellation of a permit, the accused, if he has not been so informed in the notice, may renounce the immunity from prosecution resulting from the payment and so annul his admission of guilt.
(5)  The person who receives a payment under this section must notify the Minister or his representative within eight days of the receipt of the amounts so collected and inform of the name and address of the person convicted, of the date and place of the offence alleged and of the fault charged.
1974, c. 35, s. 43; 1990, c. 4, s. 677.