P-28 - Farm Producers Act

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19. Certification shall confer upon an association the following rights, powers and duties:
(a)  to promote, defend and develop the economic, social and moral interests of its members and of the producers and for such purpose act generally as the spokesman for the producers;
(b)  to represent the producers generally as regards the public authorities and any agency, board, commission or group, whenever it is in the general interest of the producers to do so, and cooperate with any organization pursuing similar purposes;
(c)  to conciliate and coordinate the activities of the different federations, specialized federations, syndicates and specialized affiliated syndicates, and of their members and the special interests of the producers with the common welfare of the producers generally;
(d)  to carry out research and studies in relation to the production and marketing of farm products and to any matter which may affect the economic and social conditions of its members and producers;
(e)  to accept the affiliation of a federation or of a specialized federation or, as the case may be, of a syndicate or specialized syndicate;
(f)  subject to section 17, to establish, levy, receive and redistribute the assessments and contributions under Divisions VIII and IX.
1972, c. 37, s. 19.