N-3 - Notaries Act

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82. The board of directors or the president may require that all files relating to notarial records that may be placed under provisional custody be sealed until a provisional custodian is appointed or until the notarial records are assigned or surrendered. The application shall be made to the Superior Court of the judicial district in which the notary who deposited his or her acts in the notarial records last practised. The judge or, in the judge’s absence, the special clerk has full and complete jurisdiction in the matter.
2000, c. 44, s. 82; 2023, c. 23, s. 46.
Not in force
82. The provisional custodian is, for the duration of the provisional custody, the legal depositary of the notarial records under provisional custody, and the custodian of all files and documents relating to the notarial records.
2000, c. 44, s. 82.